St. Paul and The Broken Bones at The Millennium Center

On Sep. 20 the Millennium Center in Winston-Salem hosted The Banditos and St. Paul and The Broken Bones. This was one of the best concerts I’ve been to so far. Both bands were phenomenal and played songs that just made you wanna dance. It was definitely feel good music.

Both bands The Banditos and St. Paul and The Broken Bones hail from Alabama, and you could for sure tell it. The Banditos opened with a sound like no other and there is no way you could even begin to put them in a genre.

They had prominent ’60s acid rock influences along with elements of Bob Dylan, Slim Harpo, and The Drive-By Truckers, which made them have a sound like no other.

For their stage performances, it was on point, with lead singer Mary Beth Richardson putting off major Grace Slick and Stevie Nicks vibes as she floated around the stage with her tambourine belting out their original tunes. As for St. Paul and The Broken Bones, they put on a one of kind show that you could only get when you go to see them. As soon as Paul Janeway, the lead singer walked out on stage with a suit and what looked to be a shawl draped around his shoulders with a spotlight only on him, you knew you were gonna be in for a treat. With Janeway’s soulful voice, a sensational lead guitarist, a rhythm section that sounded like it was straight out of Muscle Shoals and a horn section that even Sly Stone would be envious of, St. Paul and The Broken Bones are a band full of talented musicians, with a frontman that puts on a show.

At one point in the show they performed their song “Broken Bones & Pocket Change” in which Janeway proceeded to tear up the stage by tearing up a golden rug that the roadies had taped on the stage in between shows and crawling underneath the small drum stage to add a humorous, over-dramatic feel to the song. Oh, and he did all that while singing the song note for note.



Interested in seeing these bands play? They will be touring together all this fall! Check out The Banditos website here and St. Paul and The Broken Bones here for more info

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