A.J. LeGrand’s New Album “Expectations”


With a sound as nostalgic as the lone star state itself, A.J. LeGrand is part of the small percentage of the eminent true American songwriters that have been pouring out of Texas for years.

LeGrand of Dallas, Texas released his first full-length record this year titled “Expectations”. “Expectations” consists of 12 tracks that showcase the songwriter’s ability to create a movie reel in your head through storybook lyrics taking you back with sounds that reminisce the notorious Texas outlaws with a touch of individuality that makes these 12 tracks so memorable.

Setting the mood for the record, the first song “Better Than Slowly Dying” is a slow, dark, hard backbeat track written by LeGrand that gives off major Townes and Cash vibes and gives you a good indication of what you can expect out of the next 11 tracks. The title track “Expectations” is about getting a bit of a rude awakening in life and it not always being what you expect.

If you’d like to purchase his album or keep up with A.J. and his show dates check out his website and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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